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9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat For Tweakware VPN




Although the cheat have been available for quite a long time now which we also made post on different types of settings with different ways range from 9mobile unlimited browsing on social  pack, 9mobile Social pack Setting on HTTP injector VPN and 9mobile Social pack settings on TLS tunnel VPN.

Which seems most of the settings don’t work well some setting might work for some time and disconnect or well connected which may stop browsing in aspect of using VPN like HTTP injector, Mostly Connect and give issue sometimes.

That make us not to relate we look around and discover another alternative way for you that can still make you to make use of 2.5GB on your 9mobile Social pack instead of 500MB, The Alternative way Is known to be with the help of Tweakware VPN

Before we go further let know what Tweakware VPN is for others that have not come through the VPN before. 

What Is Tweakware VPN 

Tweakware is A VPN that Anonymize and encrypt all internet settings of your mobile or android smartphones it capable of encryption of all the internet traffic of your android phone .

Although Seems these App is only Available for android users only and not for IOS user’s that is iphones and other related phone products that deal with IOS. 

Now that we have know what tweakware VPN is and what is capable of we move to what we need to put into consideration and requirements to be able to make use of tweakware VPN with our 9mobile social pack so that is can power our plan with 2.5GB data caps.


  • An Android Phone
  • Strong And Active Internet Connection 3G or 4G
  • 9mobile SocialPak bundle
  • 9mobile 4G or 3G Sim 

> Firstly, subscribe to 9mobile SocialPak plan by dialing *343*6*9#. Cost 350 Naira and valid for 1 month.

> Dial *228# for the 500Mb balance. The 2GB is a hidden data which we can only use via VPN.

9mobile Social Pack Cheat On Tweakware VPN Settings 

  • Download And Install tweakware VPN app from the link provided above or click here to go straight and download
  • Open the App you will see some menu bar display on the app as shown below, click on it.
9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat For Tweakware VPN
  • You will be provided with a lot of options there but our target for these cheat only is for the Etisalat Chat Pack 1 and Etisalat Social Pack.
9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat For Tweakware VPN

Now click on Connect as shown in the screenshot below

9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat For Tweakware VPN

Note: First use Chat pack 1 it will give 2GB then select Social pack for the remaining 500mb.

  • They also have free premium account settings for on there app but don’t worry about that just select your respective plan and start browsing with you 9mobile social pack subscription.
  • Finally you can now use tweakware for your social pack data subscription, no disconnection problem like HTTP injector and it’s very fast in browsing.

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